About The Record Store

The Record Store is a development founded by music & media entrepreneur Gregory J. Chamberlain.

The primary mission The Record Store is to be organic and present high quality handpicked music videos and filmed entertainment of artists and bands of substance who have released their music on vinyl. Our secondary mission is to present high quality official artist & band merchandise, audio gear and more by great acts and reputable companies.

We never take fees from record labels, artists, managers or publicists to plug music or products.

We do consider anything and everything anybody wants to send over for review. We will open it and play it. If we love it or even just like it, it might end up on this site or one of our other Record Store family sites that include MusicTelevision.Com, MusicLoad.Com, TheIndies.Com, TheQuietStorm.Com or Classic.MusicTelevision.Com.

Besides handpicking engaging records for feature positions, we have plans to feature hard goods such as turntables, speakers, amplifiers, ghetto-blasters and all sorts of other merchandise like posters, T-Shirts and all the things that old-school record stores have been famous for. We'll only handpick high rated retailers and merchandisers of substance who only deal in high quality hard goods. We are on the lookout for hard goods that are built to last, delivering the most enjoyment and long lasting value.

For instance, Bob Marley's family of companies that are part of his legacy have gone to the greatest lengths to only engage in producing and or licensing the Marley name when the products meet a very high standard. Therefore, our most recent post on The Record Store is presently linking to a high rated retailer that is selling the official House of Marley brand speakers, as well as a very special boombox. This is what matters at The Record Store. It's all about cool products and music by acts of substance.

The Record Store and TheRecordStore.Com is part of the Indies Network of websites.