Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow: Live In Europe - A Vinyl Classic

The Record Store presents Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow

Finding these vintage 1976 live films of a highly inspired Al Jarreau is reason for celebration. These are legacy gems from an era of greatness for Warner Bros. Records and producers of the record, Al Schmitt and Tommy LiPuma.
The album was titled "Look To The Rainbow: Live in Europe". This album can take a long time to explore with all of it's intricacies.  It sounds great turned up loud.

When it was released in 1977, my mom bought the 2 record set on vinyl, the songs of which were pulled from these 1976 filmed performances featured below. We must have played these vinyl records hundreds of times. I was exposed to all kinds of music, but this record was really different. It was a style of jazz that felt really fresh. Had never heard anybody scat sing like this, blending lyrics and scat with such fluid soul backed by a super burning jazz groove band.  It's an amazingly big sound for just three players: Tom Canning on keys, Nigel Wilkinson on drums and Jermome Rimson on bass guitar.

The films below were shot with the audio beautifully recorded in front of a live audience in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. 

One of the most popular songs on the record was Jarreau's unique version of the Paul Desmond classic, Take 5, that was already made famous by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album Time Out. Jarreau's take on the song was a major departure, like a blast off to another planet. Be patient, the song does not really take off until the 2:20 point of the first video below. One of my favorite songs is the sixth one down the list, titled You Don't See Me. But every single one of these is fantastic.

Al Jarreau - Take Five (live)

Al Jarreau - Letter Perfect

Al Jarreau - We Got By

Al Jarreau - Lock All The Gates

Al Jarreau - Your Song

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Ramones drummer Marky Ramone recently released his book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone. Get it here at Amazon.

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The above bit was written & produced by Alex Scordelis and directed by Jake Fogelnest for College Humor - Thank you for making this available.

Additional Cast included: Lauren Adams, Emily Altman, Johnathan Fernandez, Frank Garcia Hejl, Geoff Garlock, Mike Pace, Meyer Rossabi, Josh Ruben, Riley Soloner

Additional production team included Director of Photography Tyler Ribble, Editor Jenny Filippazzo, Gaffer Colin Allen and Sound by Corey Poindexter. Additional music by The Walk Ons.

Dave Grohl named Record Store Day Ambassador for 2015

Record Store Day

Former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has just named been named Record Store Day Ambassador for 2015. He made a video and published a statement about the importance of record stores and vinyl in his life, here.

Whilst every day is Record Store Day, April 18, 2015 is going to be a big global shindig. Get your vinyl on :)

Connect direct with the official Record Store Day at HQ at RecordStoreDay.Com

Music videos from Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways, was featured here last November.

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust

The Record Store presents Boy George and his reggae mix of Turn To Dust

Not long ago we featured three of the most classics songs of Boy George's Culture Club on The Record Store sister site, Classic Music Television.

Today we visit one of Boy George's more recent releases that was way too under the radar, but had a powerful message as his songs usually do. It is titled Turn 2 Dust and he's referring to the idea that hatred must turn to dust. It was released three years ago and there are still a few white sleeve vinyl copies available that also include the single titled Go Your Own Way. Turn it up!

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (A Reggae Remix)

Below are just a handpicked few of the many remixes floating around:

Boy George - Turn To Dust (David Jones Dirty Club Mix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Sebastian F Remix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Dubversive Mix)

Boy George - Turn To Dust (BOOTIK Remix)

For even more remixes: go here

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Wake Up And Live - Celebrate Bob Marley's 70th Birthday

The Record Store presents Bob Marley's song Wake Up And Live from his Survival album

In honor of the global celebration of Bob Marley's 70th birthday this week of February 6, 2015, The Record Store family of sites are is enjoying keeping his music cranked up as we revisit music highlights of this most humble legend's life. Enjoy!

Get the official Wake Up And Live poster here.
Just below are two additional demo versions of Wake Up And Live. The first take below, seems to channel a bit of James Brown from the countdown of the downbeat onto a couple of hardly noticeable grunt and scream nuances throughout the recording. It's tight, yet freely soulful and funky reggae at it's finest.

Bob Marley - Wake Up And Live (Demo Version) Extended version of 7 minutes 27 seconds

Bob Marley - Wake Up And Live (Rare Demo) 2 minutes 32 seconds

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The Record Store is not only a place for leads on great vinyl, it's a source for the kind merchandise and hard goods from reputable sources who only deal in officially licensed and distributed products of quality and substance.

In honor of the legendary Bob Marley's 70th birthday this week, we have decided to featuring da kine (the finest high end) official Marley family group of companies merchandise that we have researched.

The coolest include the thumbs-up reviews featured below, the first of which is a stellar House of Marley Bluetooth speaker system available at AV Express.

Next, we have the second thumbs-up product review the the Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Portable Audio System (BOOMBOX) by House of Marley, also for sale at AV Express at this link

House of Marley boombox named Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Portable Audio System.

Benjamin Clementine - Debut on Vinyl

TheRecordStore.Com presents Benjamin Clementine

Just released on January 12, 2015 by Behind Records, is a double 12" vinyl release of Benjamin Clementine's debut album titled At Least For Now.

Clementine is a very unique storytelling song miester with his own style and tone.  He could easily find success as voice over artist, or in serious theatre or as a motion picture actor if he decided to go down any of those paths.

Nicolas Barek for B.O.X Production filmed this music video below to Benjamin's song titled Cornerstone, which happens to be track 3 on side 3 of the vinyl release. Enjoy!

Benjamin Clementine - Cornerstone

Here is a live take of one of his songs titled Nemesis, filmed live for the French TV program titled Ce soir ou jamais. Nemesis is the 3rd track on the side 2.

Benjamin Clementine - Nemesis (Ce soir ou jamais - December 12, 2014)

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It's a beautiful double 12" vinyl gatefold, including full lyrics and credits, and a MP3 download card.

TheRecordStore.Com presents the vinyl release by Benjamin Clementine