Dave Grohl named Record Store Day Ambassador for 2015

Record Store Day

Former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has just named been named Record Store Day Ambassador for 2015. He made a video and published a statement about the importance of record stores and vinyl in his life, here.

Whilst every day is Record Store Day, April 18, 2015 is going to be a big global shindig. Get your vinyl on :)

Connect direct with the official Record Store Day at HQ at RecordStoreDay.Com

Music videos from Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways, was featured here last November.

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust

The Record Store presents Boy George and his reggae mix of Turn To Dust

Not long ago we featured three of the most classics songs of Boy George's Culture Club on The Record Store sister site, Classic Music Television.

Today we visit one of Boy George's more recent releases that was way too under the radar, but had a powerful message as his songs usually do. It is titled Turn 2 Dust and he's referring to the idea that hatred must turn to dust. It was released three years ago and there are still a few white sleeve vinyl copies available that also include the single titled Go Your Own Way. Turn it up!

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (A Reggae Remix)

Below are just a handpicked few of the many remixes floating around:

Boy George - Turn To Dust (David Jones Dirty Club Mix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Sebastian F Remix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Dubversive Mix)

Boy George - Turn To Dust (BOOTIK Remix)

For even more remixes: go here

Connect direct with Boy George at BoyGeorge.Com, twitter.com/boygeorge and at facebook.com/boygeorgeofficial

Wake Up And Live - Celebrate Bob Marley's 70th Birthday

The Record Store presents Bob Marley's song Wake Up And Live from his Survival album

In honor of the global celebration of Bob Marley's 70th birthday this week of February 6, 2015, The Record Store family of sites are is enjoying keeping his music cranked up as we revisit music highlights of this most humble legend's life. Enjoy!

Get the official Wake Up And Live poster here.
Just below are two additional demo versions of Wake Up And Live. The first take below, seems to channel a bit of James Brown from the countdown of the downbeat onto a couple of hardly noticeable grunt and scream nuances throughout the recording. It's tight, yet freely soulful and funky reggae at it's finest.

Bob Marley - Wake Up And Live (Demo Version) Extended version of 7 minutes 27 seconds

Bob Marley - Wake Up And Live (Rare Demo) 2 minutes 32 seconds

Connect direct with the official Bob Marley website at BobMarley.Com and on Facebook.Com/BobMarley and at Twitter.Com/BobMarley

The Record Store is not only a place for leads on great vinyl, it's a source for the kind merchandise and hard goods from reputable sources who only deal in officially licensed and distributed products of quality and substance.

In honor of the legendary Bob Marley's 70th birthday this week, we have decided to featuring da kine (the finest high end) official Marley family group of companies merchandise that we have researched.

The coolest include the thumbs-up reviews featured below, the first of which is a stellar House of Marley Bluetooth speaker system available at AV Express.

Next, we have the second thumbs-up product review the the Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Portable Audio System (BOOMBOX) by House of Marley, also for sale at AV Express at this link

House of Marley boombox named Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Portable Audio System.