6000 Miles for a Sample - The story of the Jazz Kissa with Mr. Jukes

The-Record-Store documentary by Louis Bhose titled Six Thousand Miles For A Sample: The story of the Jazz Kissa, featuring Mr. Jukes

Mr Jukes is a funky soul jazz artist whose music videos were previously featured on The-Record-Store sister sites The-Indies and Live-Music-Television.

We found this short documentary featuring Mr. Jukes, directed by Louis Bhose, where he describes his travels to Japan and his discovery of what is known as the Jazz Kissa, a form of culture unique to Japan, where American vinyl records are played in coffee shops where people sit and listen.

Mr Jukes - Six Thousand Miles For A Sample

Connect direct with Mr. Jukes at JukesJukes.Com, Facebook.com/mrjukesmusic, Instagram.com/mrjukesmusic and Twitter.com/mrjukesmusic

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Connect direct with TokyoJazzSite.Com, where Mr. Jukes first learned about the Jazz Kissa.

Mr Jukes - Six Thousand Miles For A Sample
Video Production Credits
Director: Louis Bhose
Tokyo director of photography: David Allen
London director of photography: Murren Tullett
Interpreter: Kyoko Amatatsu Maruyama
Colorist: Caroline Morin @ Cheat
Special thanks to Ken Yamazaki, Gregory Restaurant, Disk Union Shibuya, Jason Marcus, George Simpson and Set Japan