6000 Miles for a Sample - The story of the Jazz Kissa with Mr. Jukes

The-Record-Store documentary by Louis Bhose titled Six Thousand Miles For A Sample: The story of the Jazz Kissa, featuring Mr. Jukes

Mr Jukes is a funky soul jazz artist whose music videos were previously featured on The-Record-Store sister sites The-Indies and Live-Music-Television.

We found this short documentary featuring Mr. Jukes, directed by Louis Bhose, where he describes his travels to Japan and his discovery of what is known as the Jazz Kissa, a form of culture unique to Japan, where American vinyl records are played in coffee shops where people sit and listen.

Mr Jukes - Six Thousand Miles For A Sample

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Connect direct with TokyoJazzSite.Com, where Mr. Jukes first learned about the Jazz Kissa.

Mr Jukes - Six Thousand Miles For A Sample
Video Production Credits
Director: Louis Bhose
Tokyo director of photography: David Allen
London director of photography: Murren Tullett
Interpreter: Kyoko Amatatsu Maruyama
Colorist: Caroline Morin @ Cheat
Special thanks to Ken Yamazaki, Gregory Restaurant, Disk Union Shibuya, Jason Marcus, George Simpson and Set Japan

Dream Wife - Self Titled 11 Song Debut (on blood red splatter vinyl)

The-Record-Store music videos of Dream Wife, debut album release on blood red splatter vinyl

The Record Store presents the Brighton, England based trio known as Dream Wife, a great edgy pop band on the boarderline of 80's new wave with a taste of punk. Rakel Mjöll is the lead singer. Alice Go is on guitar and backing vocals. Bella Podpadec plays bass and provides backing vocals.

Dream Wife just released their self titled debut album is out on Vinyl. Blood red splatter vinyl, to be exact. Buy it and other Dream Wife merch at dreamwife.tmstor.es

The first music video featured below is to the Dream Wife song titled Hey Heartbreaker, which is track #4 off the debut album. The animated music video was directed by directed and animated by Mason London.

Dream Wife - Hey Heartbreaker

The next video is track #1 on the album, titled Let's Make Out. It was directed, shot and edited by Aidan Zamiri

Dream Wife - Let's Make Out

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See one more music video by Dream Wife on our X-Music-TV channel (Parental Advisory - Explicit Content Channel): XMusicTV.Com/2018/03/x-music-tv-dream-wife-fuu-fever-dream.html

Connect direct with Mason London at joeprytherch.com, Instagram.com/masonlondon and Twitter.com/masonlondon

Dream Wife - Let's Make Out - Music Video Production Credits
Directed/Shot/Edited: AIDAN ZAMIRI
Creative Direction/Styling: PAOLINA RUSSO
Production Design: MARTHA SOMERFIELD
Production Assistant: GERRIT JACOB
Lighting Assistant: ROBIN LAMBERT