fra fra - Funeral Songs (Vinyl Release - Video Teaser)

The Record Store presents the group from North Ghana known as "fra fra" and a video teaser for their vinyl record release titled Funeral Songs. #frafra #FuneralSongs #TheRecordStore #VinylRecords

Just recently noticed that Tower Records is back, online that is. One of their latest offerings is a unique group from Northern Ghana known as fra fra and a album titled Funeral Songs. 

Audiotree stated the following about this album:
Fra Fra's "Funeral Songs" was recorded 100% live and outdoors without overdubs by Grammy- winning music producer and author, Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Ustad Saami, The Good Ones [Rwanda], Zomba Prison Project) in northern Ghana. Far from deathly dirges, far fra's songs are largely celebrations. Their process of mourning bares more than a passing resemblance to a New Orleans second line marching band. It is challenging to disregard this as mere coincidence given the sad history of the transatlantic slave trade exploiting their very region in the north. The trio's 72-year-old leader “Small” plays a homemade, 2-string guitar with dog-tags for rattles and bears a raspy tenor of epic virtuosity. 

Please click the play button of the video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When the video ends, it will automatically be followed by several excellent curated music videos. Press forward to skip or the reverse button to return to previous songs. Exit full screen mode to pick a new video.

fra fra - Funeral Songs

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