Boy George - Turn 2 Dust

The Record Store presents Boy George and his reggae mix of Turn To Dust

Not long ago we featured three of the most classics songs of Boy George's Culture Club on The Record Store sister site, Classic Music Television.

Today we visit one of Boy George's more recent releases that was way too under the radar, but had a powerful message as his songs usually do. It is titled Turn 2 Dust and he's referring to the idea that hatred must turn to dust. It was released three years ago and there are still a few white sleeve vinyl copies available that also include the single titled Go Your Own Way. Turn it up!

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (A Reggae Remix)

Below are just a handpicked few of the many remixes floating around:

Boy George - Turn To Dust (David Jones Dirty Club Mix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Sebastian F Remix)

Boy George - Turn 2 Dust (Dubversive Mix)

Boy George - Turn To Dust (BOOTIK Remix)

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