The End of Memory

What if digital bits of information had a more limited shelf life than vinyl? Would you still buy that mp3?

The independent French company, ZED, that produces and distributes films and international television programs of substance has one film in production that may be relevent to music lovers and those with a stake in the business of music. The film is titled The End of Memory. See their trailer at this link:

Vinyl record lovers know that there is a sonic something that mp3 copies of the same music rarely, if ever, have. Our fast paced and often cheap world where expidiciousness and single useage matters more than substance, has put the masses in this position. Good taste has been diluted by expeditiousness.

The End of Memory is something to ponder with regards to music. How will "The End of Memory" affect the way we enjoy music, the business of music and musical legacies?  What other areas of music will be altered due to this phenomenon?

"The End of Memory" is a film in production at Zed.Fr
The website for the film states they are seeking funding to complete the film. 
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